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“Précieuses Confluences” was set up to give those working in France’s jewellery industry the opportunity to meet potential clients and partners from around the world. The event was founded and developed by the Union Française de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie, des Pierres et des Perles or UFBJOP (the French association for the jewellery, gold- and silver smithery, stone and pearl industries). It is a joint industry initiative supported by Francéclat (France’s professional committee for economic development serving the watchmaking, jewellery, gold- and silver smithery and tableware sectors), with the shared aim of making businesses working in these sectors more competitive, ambitious and innovative and helping them raise their profile.

This event offers networking opportunities for all those working in the jewelry industry, in France and beyond, from  luxury brands to department and chain stores and retailers, as well as production studios and facilities, lapidaries, diamond merchants, stone and pearl dealers, those working in the artistic trades, designers, 3D designers and many more. It is open to those specializing in any aspect of the jewelry and watchmaking sectors.

French and international brands and retailers are always on the lookout for fresh creative talent and skills, as well as production studios and facilities that can help them bring high-quality products to their customers and become more competitive.

This annual two-day networking event is held in Paris and offers attendees the opportunity to take part in 30-minute business meetings that will hopefully lead to professional partnerships.

Attendees can continue networking and sharing their expertise with industry professionals and partners at the drinks reception held at the end of the first day. Subject to COVID-19 restrictions.


The UFBJOP: a professional association driving progress in the sector

Since its foundation in 1864, the UFBJOP has been responsible for promoting all trades involved in the jewellery, gold- and silver smithery, stone and pearl sectors, celebrating and developing their traditions and heritage and supporting them to grow. It brings together all those working in these sectors, encompassing the disciplines they cover to form a universal vision of this craft industry that has become a world-renowned luxury sector. Its members include big names from Place Vendôme, studios, jewellery manufacturers, designer brands, designers, setters, gold- and silversmiths, precious metals traders, diamond merchants and stone and pearl dealers. The UFBJOP represents a French industry that accounts for 6.8 billion euros in exports and is highly competitive within the global jewellery market.

The UFBJOP recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of the opening of its school, the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie (HEJ), which provides initial training, sandwich courses and ongoing professional development in trades involved in the jewellery sector to 720 students each year. It boasts a 100% employment rate for its graduates, making it a key source of talent for studios, major luxury brands and the sector more generally. The HEJ is constantly looking to the future by growing its international reputation and adapting its courses to meet the industry’s needs.

58 rue du Louvre, 75002 Paris
Précieuses Confluences contact
Laurence Chevillon : 

Year after year, on the strength of their successes and the power of their business trends, "Précieuses Confluences" expands to irrigate even further the world of French and international jewelry.
For its 11th edition, "Précieuses Confluences" 2023 will run over three days, to offer an even more enriching and in-depth experience for all participants.
This extension testifies to Union Française BJOP's commitment to constantly investing in new territories to intensify the richness of the encounters.
Thus, from October 24 to 26, 2023, "Précieuses Confluences" will blend the challenges of creation and innovation with environmental responsibility and sustainability issues. A way of affirming that the union, the confluence, between creation and environmental responsibility is essential to shaping a prosperous and ethical future for French jewelry.


The French jewelry industry has shown itself to be determined and dynamic in confronting the global upheaval caused by the pandemic. Today, it is ready to take on the international challenges facing the jewelry market. Précieuses Confluences 2022, the international networking event for our industry, is now proving crucial in ensuring that the real-life and virtual connections between those working in the jewelry and watchmaking sectors can continue to flourish. In line with its remit, the UFBJOP is committed to making this event a success.



Francéclat is the professional committee for economic development serving all areas of the watchmaking, jewelry and tableware sectors, from manufacturing to distribution.

In line with its public service remit, it puts in place collective measures in a range of areas that aim to respond to the needs of businesses in these sectors, from design and innovation to standards and regulations, making production systems more efficient, statistical and economic studies, development within France and abroad and digital transformation. 

These measures are funded by an earmarked tax (the “Taxe HBJOAT”), which was introduced by the French parliament at the request of the professional bodies for each of these industries.

Its 2020-2023 targets and performance agreement signed with the French Ministry of Finance is structured around 4 key areas:

  • Designing in France 
  • Manufacturing in France 
  • Distributing in France
  • Raising the sector’s international profile 

Précieuses Confluences is one of the industry initiatives funded by Francéclat and has been developed in partnership with the UFBJOP.

22 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
75008 PARIS
+33 1 56 77 29 00
Précieuses Confluences contact :
Claire Henimann :

Despite the upheaval and disruption to trade caused by the lockdown restrictions, from which we must now move on, the French jewelry sector, confident that their expertise and creativity put them on a strong footing, are reaching out to the rest of the world and embracing new partnerships. Précieuses Confluences provides the perfect opportunity to inject fresh momentum into the industry.


Every year, Précieuses Confluences enables jewelry brands, large and small, to meet their future partners: manufacturing workshops, designers, craftsmen... the French ecosystem is rich and dynamic!
While the sector has weathered the health crisis well (French production in 2021 has exceeded its 2019 level and has more than doubled since 2016), it is preparing to face new challenges in the uncertain international context we are experiencing.
At the heart of our preoccupations, sustainable development and corporate social and environmental responsibility will be the subjects that drive us for this new edition of Précieuses Confluences.
The CSR Club, launched by Francéclat in June 2022, will enable us to pursue our discussions throughout the year on a wide range of fascinating and highly topical themes.





Précieuses Confluences launched a sponsorship module in 2020 to raise funds for the “Avenir” (“Future”) scholarship for students of the Haute École de Joaillerie.

The goal of the “Avenir” Scholarship is to promote equality for everyone:

Providing students with quick, personalized financial assistance to fund their studies and give them a chance to begin a successful career in the jewelry industry.

Feedback from winners of the “Avenir” Scholarship in 2020-2021:

  • My dream is to become a jewelry designer and this scholarship has helped me believe in myself time and time again, and now more than ever.” – Apprentice in the second year of the professional training program at the Haute École de Joaillerie
  • Without this scholarship, I never could have fulfilled my dream.” – Apprentice in the second year of the specialized art professional training program at the Haute École de Joaillerie

Sponsors’ Club

What we guarantee for the Précieuses Confluences 2023 event:

  • Visibility across all Précieuses Confluences communication tools: catalogs, website, platform, invitations, etc.
  • Your brand will be featured on the UFBJOP and Francéclat social media accounts.
  • Exclusivity: be the only representative from your profession during the two-day event.
  • Organization of qualified and planned appointments with the participants.

What we guarantee with the UFBJOP Group:

  • 1 year of promotion on all group networks: UFBJOP, HEJ, LFG, EPJ
  • Professional and public events
  • Meet major players in the industry
  • Visibility in our documentation
  • Creation of a qualified network
  • Projection and overlay of your logo
  • Communication about your brand and distribution of your marketing brochures
  • Hyperlinks
  • VIP invitations to UFBJOP Group events

Cost of sponsorship

  • €10,000 for 1 year of promotion across all our networks and communication materials.

This amount will be contributed to the “Avenir” scholarship fund for eligible students at the Haute École de Joaillerie.

Our 2020, 2021, 2022 sponsors:

Partners: your participation bears witness to the industry’s commitment to the future and to its youngest members. Thank you!